Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to all your Questions

Kindergarten 1: Three (3) years & Eight (8) months as on 31st March of the relevant year Kindergarten 2: Four (4) years & Eight (8) months as on 31st March of the relevant year Grade 1 : Five (5) years & Eight (8) months as on 31st March of the relevant year and so on for higher grades.
  1. Application Form (Printed copy of Online Registration Form)
  2. 5 coloured Passport size Photographs
  3. Coloured Passport Copies of: A) Student  B) Father C) Mother (First Page + Valid Visa Page + Address Page)
  4. Coloured copies of both the sides of Emirates ID of Student, Father & Mother
  5. Coloured copy of student’s Medical Insurance Card
  6. Attested coloured copy of Birth Certificate
  7. Birth Certificate issued in UAE – Only foreign affairs
  8. Birth Certificate issued outside UAE- (i) Notary (ii) Home Department (iii) Respective Embassy Abu Dhabi (iv) Foreign Affairs Abu Dhabi
  9. Original Transfer Certificate

i Inside Abu Dhabi – Online Transfer eSIS

ii Outside Abu Dhabi (i) Zone of particular Emirates (ii) ADEC

Iii. Outside UAE- (i) District Educational Officer of the particular syllabus/Section Officer, Regional Office (ii) Respective Embassy Abu Dhabi (iii) Foreign Affairs Abu Dhabi

  1. Progress Report
  2. A complete Health Form with copies of Immunization records
  3. Water & Electricity Bill

Mid-term admissions are allowed and are subject to vacancies and also depends on submission of Transfer Certificate (TC) with the class of relevant continuation.

The child is admitted in the next class if he/she is joining in the beginning of a new academic year and possesses a passed and promoted Transfer Certificate (TC) from the previous school. If the child is moving in between the academic years then, he/she continues in the same class as currently pursuing.

In classes at SSIS, the staff-student ratio is 20:1

KG Section: 25 students per class

G1 – G12: 30 students per class

KG & Grade 1: A direct interaction is held with the Principal & the School Counsellor.

Grade 2 – Grade 9: An Entrance Test is conducted in English and Maths.

Grade XI (Commerce): An Entrance Test is conducted in Maths.

Grade XI (Science) : An Entrance Test is conducted in Maths and Science.

For KG – 7.30 AM – 12.00 PM (Sunday to Thursday)

For Grade I to XII –  7.30 AM – 2 PM (Sunday to Thursday)

SSIS Abu Dhabi campus offers CBSE (Indian Curriculum)

The new academic year for all classes begins in the month of April and closes in the month of March.

The safety and security of our students is of utmost concern. The school has an in-house security system in place at the school. The campus is monitored round-the-clock through CCTV installations, and security guards are present 24/7 in the school premises.

All visitors entering the campus are required to produce a proof of identification and receive a Visitor Pass from the Guard House. Unauthorized personnel are not granted access under any circumstances.

The school has an in-house medical care facility which is operated by a HAAD-qualified nurse at all times during the school hours. Basic first aid can be administered by the nurse. For major medical support, the student is taken to a nearby hospital in consultation with an on-call school doctor, and parents are intimated immediately.

Yes. The school has a qualified and experienced school counsellor who is professionally trained to help the students focus on academic career and social/emotional development. All discussions with the counsellors are strictly confidential.

The transport system ensures complete safety and security of every child. The details of bus routes, pick-up and drop-off points, time schedules and transportation fees are communicated to the parents at the time of admission of students. The school buses are provided with female attendants and a GPS tracker.

Only school transportation and parents’ own transports are allowed within the campus. All decisions made by the Transport Operator as per the School Transport Policy are final. All buses have designated pick up and drop off points. An Operations Executive of the Transport Vendor is always available at the school and parents can meet the Executive during the school hours.